Dunstan Moorse

Reverend Dunstan Robert Moorse, OSB was born in Marshall, MN on December 8, 1950. Father Moorse entered Saint John’s Abbey after graduating from Saint John’s University and professed monastic vows before Abbot John Eidenschinck, OSB and the Collegeville community on July 11, 1974.

Father Moorse studied theology at Saint John’s School of Theology and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest by the Bishop of Saint Cloud on May 13, 1978. Fr. Moorse has served in several capacities at St. John’s including teacher at Saint John’s Preparatory School, Dormitory prefect at St. John’s Prep, parish weekend assistance, liturgist and sacristan.

In 1984, Abbot Jerome Theisen, OSB was warned that Moorse had sexually abused Saint John’s Prep students. The Abbot chose to send Father Moorse to a Roman Catholic treatment center specializing in clerical abuse issues.

From 1984-2002, Father Moorse remained on Saint John’s campus living on the fourth floor quad.

In 2002, Father Moorse was named by Abbot John Klassen, OSB as a monk credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors living on Saint John’s campus.