Grant Higgins: Substantiated Allegations of Abuse of a Minor

Grant Higgins

  • 1956: Ordained
  • 1957-1961: Blessed Sacrament, New Orleans, LA (Rev. Joseph Grant Higgins, S.S.J. (NO))
  • 1962: St. Pius, Baltimore, MD (Rev. Grant Higgins, S.S.J. (Bal))
  • 1963-1974: St. Joseph’s Society of the Sacred Heart House of Central Administration, Baltimore, MD (1963-1971: Rev. J. Grant Higgins, S.S.J., Director of Vocations)
  • 1975: All Saints, New Orleans, LA (Rev. J. Grant Higgins, S.S.J.)
  • 1976: Sisters of Charity Hospital of Buffalo, N.Y., Buffalo, NY (Rev. John Grant Higgins, Chaplain)
  • 1977: St. Albert the Great, North Tonawanda, NY (Rev. J. Grant Higgins)
  • 1978: State Hospital, Gowanda, NY (Rev. J. Grant Higgins, Gowanda, NY)
  • 1979-1982: Psychiatric Center, Gowanda, NY (Rev. J. Grant Higgins, Gowanda, NY)
  • 1983: Unknown
  • 1984-1997: Most Precious Blood, Angola, NY (1984-1988: Rev. J. Grant Higgins; 1989: Rev. Msgr. J. Grant Higgins)
  • 1998: Unknown
  • 1999-2016: Retired (170 Countryside Lane, Apt. #4, Orchard Park, NY 14127)
  • 2016: Died

Notes: Fr. J. Grant Higgins was ordained a Josephite Order priest in 1956 and was incardinated into the Diocese of Buffalo in 1975. On March 20, 2018, the diocese of Buffalo included Fr. Higgins on its list of priests who have been accused of child sexual abuse. The diocese did not disclose any information regarding the allegations or Fr. Higgins’ prior assignments. According to the diocese, Fr. Higgins died in 2016.