Fr. James Thomas Monaghan, S.J.: Credibly Accused Clergy

Fr. James Thomas Monaghan, S.J.

Ordained: 1946
  • 1946-1947: Alma College, Alma, CA (SFR)
  • 1947-1948: Manresa hall, Port Townsend, WA
  • 1948-1952: St. Ignatius High School, San Francisco, CA (SFR)
  • 1952-1955: Bellarmine College Preparatory School, San Jose, CA (SFR)
  • 1955-1962: Brophy College Preparatory School, Phoenix, AZ
  • 1962-1963: St. Ignatius Parish, Sacramento, CA
  • 1963-1971: St. Ignatius High School, San Francisco, CA (SFR)
  • 1971-1975: St. Clare’s, Santa Clara, CA (SFR)
  • 1971-1972: Valley Medical Center, Santa Clara, CA (SFR)
  • 1972-1975: Mission Convalescent Hospital, Santa Clara, CA (SFR)
  • 1975-1991: St. Ignatius, Sacramento, CA
  • 1992-2004: Sacred Heart Jesuit Center, Los Gatos, CA (SJ)
  • 2004: Died

Fr. James T. Monaghan was ordained a Jesuit priest. He was a spiritual director and counselor at Brophy College Preparatory School in Phoenix, Arizona. In the early 1990s, he was accused of sexually abusing a minor girl during a counseling session from approximately 1988 to 1989 in Sacramento, California, while he was at St. Ignatius parish in Sacramento. He pleaded no contest to criminal charges related to the accusation and was subsequently sentenced to community service, five years’ probation, and to register as a sex offender. Fr. Monaghan is listed on the Diocese of Sacramento’s “List of Credibly Accused Clergy.” Fr. Monaghan was also named on the Jesuits West Province of the Society of Jesus’ “List of Jesuits from Jesuits West Province with Credible Claims of Sexual Abuse of a Minor or Vulnerable Adult” in the section “Deceased and Former California Province Jesuits with Credible Claims.”