Fr. James W. Plamondon, s.j.: Credibly Accused Perpetrator of Sexual Abuse

Fr. James W. Plamondon, s.j.

James W. Plamondon

Fr. James W. Plamondon was ordained a priest of the Society of Jesus in 1951. Fr. Plamondon worked throughout the United States in Indiana, Washington, Alaska, Montana, California and Minnesota. In 1977, Fr. Plamondon left the priesthood to marry and reportedly moved to Worchester, Massachusetts. Fr. Plamondon’s whereabouts and whether he had access to children from 1977 until his believed death in 1989 are unknown. In 2012, Fr. Plamondon’s name appeared on the Diocese of Fairbanks’ list of accused priests, religious, lay employees and volunteers against, whom a complaint of sexual abuse has been filed by one or more individuals.