Oliver Francis O’Grady: Credibly Accused

Oliver Francis O’Grady

Ordained: 1971
  • 1971 – 1977: St. Anne’s, Lodi, CA, Diocese of Stockton
    • Acampo Center, Mission of St. Anne’s
    • St. Joachim’s, Lockeford, CA, Mission of St. Anne’s
    • Mater Ecclesiae, Thorton, CA, Mission of St. Anne’s
  • 1977 – 1982:  Sacred Heart, Turlock, CA, Diocese of Stockton
  • 1982 – 1984: Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary, Stockton, CA, Diocese of Stockton
  • 1984 – 1992: St. Andrew’s, San Andreas, CA, Diocese of Stockton
    • St. Thomas Aquinas, Mokelumne Hill, CA, Mission of St. Andrew’s
    • Our Lady Fatima, West Point, CA, Mission of St. Andrew’s
  • 1992 – 1993: St Anthony’s, Hughson, CA, Diocese of Stockton
    • St. Louis, La Grange, CA, Mission of St. Anthony’s
  • 1993: Criminally convicted
  • 2000: Deported to Ireland

A native of Ireland, O’Grady spent many years in active priesthood in California. He was convicted there in 1993 of child sexual abuse and sentenced to fourteen years in prison. He served seven years, after which he was deported to Ireland. O’Grady admitted in a 2005 deposition to abusing at least twenty- five children in California, boys and girls. He is estimated to have abused hundreds of children over his thirty-year career, including infants. O’Grady was at some point laicized, and has been the subject of multiple settlements. In 2006 O’Grady fled Ireland after the release of the documentary film, Deliver Us from Evil, which explores his life, priesthood and pedophilia. In 2010 it was reported that O’Grady had been living and working in the Netherlands, and that he returned in October of that year to Ireland. He was arrested in December 2010 on child pornography charges, convicted, and sentenced in January 2012 to three years in jail. He was released in April 2014. Again wanted on child pornography charges in Ireland, O’Grady was arrested in October 2019 in Portugal. He was convicted, and sentenced to twenty-two months in jail.