Fr. Rocco F. Verrengio (Verengio): Diocesan Clergy Accused of Sexual Misconduct With a Minor

Fr. Rocco F. Verrengio (Verengio)

Ordained: 1970
  • 1971: St. Rita’s, Long Island City, NY (BRK)
  • 1972: St. Margaret’s, Middle Village, NY (BRK)
  • 1973: St. Mary Star of the Sea, Far Rockaway, NY (BRK)
  • 1974-1975: St. Rita’s, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1976-1977: St. John Evangelist, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1978: St. Mary Star of the Sea, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1979-1981: On Duty Outside the Diocese (BRK); St. Angela Merici Rectory, Brea, CA (ORG)
  • 1982: Released From Diocesan Assignment (BRK); St. Angela Merici Rectory, Brea, CA (ORG)
  • 1983: St. Barbara’s, Santa Ana, CA (ORG); Absent On Leave (BRK)
  • 1984: Released From Diocesan Assignment (BRK)
  • 1985: St. Frances de Chantal, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1986: St. Stanislaus Kostka, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1987: St. Joan of Arc, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1988: St. Jerome’s, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1989-1990: Holy Name, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1990-1992: Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1993: Absent On Sick Leave (BRK)
  • 1994-1996: Holy Rosary, Brooklyn, NY (BRK)
  • 1997-2007: Unknown
  • 2008-2012: Retired; P.O. Box 61321, Staten Island, NY 10306 (BRK)
  • 2012: Died

Fr. Rocco Verrengio was ordained a Diocesan priest in the Diocese of Brooklyn. In 2019, Fr. Verrengio was included on the Diocese of Brooklyn’s “List of Diocesan Clergy for Whom the Diocese Received Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor,” in the subsection “Diocese of Brooklyn Clergy Who Were Deceased/or Resigned Prior to a Finding of Credibility.” The details of the sexual abuse allegations, including when and where the abuse occurred, are unknown. Fr. Verrengio’s status as a priest, whereabouts, and whether he had access to children from 1997 until his death in 2012 are unknown.