Br. Samuel Charles Cabot, O.F.M.: Accused of Sexual Abuse of Minors

Br. Samuel Charles Cabot, O.F.M.

Ordained: Unknown
  • 1954-1956: Cas de Paz Y Bien Retreat, Scottsdale, AZ (TUC)
  • 1957-1958: Old Mission San Luis Rey, San Diego, CA (SD)
  • 1958-1959: Old Mission San Miguel, San Miguel, CA (MF)
  • 1959-1961: Old Mission San Luis Rey, San Diego, CA (SD)
  • 1961-1962: Old Mission San Miguel, San Miguel, CA (MF)
  • 1962-1968: Old Mission San Luis Rey, San Diego, CA (SD)
  • 1968-1971: Philippine Missions
  • 1971-1972: St. Anthony’s Retreat, Three Rivers, CA (FRS)
  • 1972-1979: Old Mission Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA (LA)
  • 1979-1984: Novitiate, Oakland, CA (OAK)
  • 1985-1987: St. Joseph’s, Los Angeles, CA (LA)
  • 1987-2018: Serra Retreat, Malibu, CA (LA)
  • 2019: Died

Br. Samuel Cabot was a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Province of Saint Barbara, part of what is formally known as the Order of Friars Minor. In 2002, Br. Cabot was removed from public ministry at the Serra Retreat House in Malibu, California. Br. Cabot has been named in at least three civil lawsuits. In 2019, Br. Cabot was included in the Franciscan Friars Province of Saint Barbara’s “List of Franciscan Friars from the St. Barbara Province with Credibly (sic) Claims of Sexual Abuse of a Minor” in the section “Deceased Former Province of St. Barbara Friars Who Have Been Credibly Accused.” According to this list, a report was made in 2002 alleging that Br. Cabot sexually abused a minor from approximately 1977 to 1985. Br. Cabot’s status as a brother and whether he had access to children from 1986 until his death are unknown.