Fr. Cletus “Jerry” G. Stein: Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Children

Fr. Cletus “Jerry” G. Stein

Ordained, 1966

Notes: Fr. Cletus Stein was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Dodge City. From approximately 1973 to 1976, Fr. Stein reportedly worked within the Archdiocese of Denver. In approximately 1987, Fr. Stein began to work in the Diocese of Amarillo and was later incardinated in 1993. Fr. Stein was included in the Diocese of Dodge City’s 2019 list of “Priests with Allegations Arising in the Dodge City Diocese.” According to the list, Fr. Stein is no longer a priest and the allegations made against him have been deemed substantiated. Fr. Stein’s current whereabouts and whether he has access to children are unknown.

Assignments within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in Colorado: Denver


1967 Unknown

1968-1969 St. Joseph’s, Ellinwood, KS (DOD)

1970 Sacred Heart, Pratt, KS (DOD)

1971 St. John the Evangelist, Hoisington, KS (DOD)

1972 Absent on Leave (DOD)

1973-1974 On Duty Outside the Diocese (DOD); John XXIII University Parish, Fort Collins, CO (DEN)

1974-1976 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (DEN)

1975 On Duty Outside the Diocese (DOD) 1505 Fairview, Wichita, KS 67203 (WCH)

1976 St. Rose of Lima, Great Bend, KS (DOD)

1977-1983 St. Joseph, Greensburg, KS (DOD)

1984 Special Assignment (DOD); Vicar for Peace and Justice Affairs, Res. 804 5th St., Garden City, KS 67846 (DOD)

1985 St. Alphonsus, Santana, KS (DOD)

1986-1987 St. Mary of the Plains College, Dodge City, KS (DOD)

1988-1993 On Duty Outside the Diocese (DOD)

1989-1995 St. Francis, Amarillo, TX (AMA)

1993 West Texas State Catholic Student Center, Canyon, TX (AMA)

1994-1996 Holy Name, Happy, TX (AMA)

1994-1995 Catholic Student Center West Texas A&M, Canyon, TX (AMA)

1997-1999 Holy Name of Jesus, Happy, TX (AMA)

1997-1999 Holy Family, Nazareth, TX (AMA)

2000-2004 Retired, P.O. Box 159, Nazareth, TX 79063 (AMA)

2005-2019 Unknown