Fr. David (Dave) Gottschalk, O.F.M.Cap.

Ordained, 1969

Notes: Fr. David Gottschalk was ordained a Capuchin Franciscan Friar. He is included in the Archdiocese of Kansas City’s 2018 list of clergy with “substantiated allegations of clergy sexual abuse of a minor,” which states that he was accused of abusing multiple minors. Fr. Gottschalk is also listed in the 2019 “Audit of the Capuchin Province of Mid-America (aka Province of St. Conrad)” report as a “member found to have had credible allegations of sexually inappropriate/criminal behavior against minors.” The Capuchin Province Report stated that Fr. Gottschalk sexually abused at least one minor in the 1970s.

Assignments within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in Colorado: Denver, Colorado Springs


1970 St. Francis Capuchin College, Washington, D.C. (WDC)

1971-1975 St. Fidelis Monastery, Victoria, KS (SAL)

1972 Castlegate Ave., Pittsburgh, PA (PIT)

1973-1975 St. Francis Renewal Center, Victoria, KS (SAL)

1976 St. Francis Capuchin College, Washington, D.C. (WDC)

1977-1986 Good Shepherd, Kansas City, KS (KCK)

1987-1988 St. John the Evangelist’s Church, Lawrence, KS (KCK); St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, Kansas University Center and Residence, Lawrence, KA (KCK)

1990 St. Conrad Friary, Allison Park, PA (PIT)

1990-1994 St. Elizabeth Friary, Province of Mid- America, Denver, CO (DEN)

1995-2001 St. Francis of Assisi Friary, Denver, CO (DEN)

1999-2002 Capuchin Foreign Missions, Province of Mid-America, Denver, CO (DEN)

2002-2004 St. Fidelis Church, Victoria, KS (SAL); St. Boniface Church, Victoria, KS (SAL); St. Fidelis Friary, Victoria, KS (SAL)

2005-2007 Unknown

2008 Fraternidad San Antonio, Denver, CO (DEN)

2009-2013 St. Francis of Assisi Friary, Denver, CO (DEN)

2014-2019 Our Lady of the Angels Friary, Colorado Springs, CO (COS)