Fr. Frank (Francis) A. (H.) Sierra, S.F.: Credibly Accused Of Abusing Minors

Fr. Frank (Francis) A. (H.) Sierra, S.F.

Ordained: 1946

Assignments within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in Colorado: Pueblo, Denver


  • 1947-1948: Spain
  • 1949-1952: Argentina
  • 1953: Holy Cross, Santa Cruz, NM (SFE)
  • 1954-1958: St. Francis Jerome, Center, CO (PBL)
  • 1959: Our Lady of Peace, Greeley, CO (DEN)
  • 1960-1961: Holy Cross, Santa Cruz, NM (SFE)
  • 1962-1968: Our Lady of Fatima, Bayard , NM (ELP)
  • 1968-1970: Our Lady of the Light, El Paso, TX (ELP)
  • 1970-1974: St. Joseph, Upland, CA (SD)
  • 1974-1975: Our Lady of Soledad, Coachella, CA (SD)
  • 1975-1979: St. John, Encinitas, CA (SD)
  • 1979-1988: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Brawley, CA (SD)
  • 1988-1993: Retired (SD); In Residence: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Calexico, CA (SD)
  • 1993: In Residence: Nazareth House, Sand Diego, CA (SD)
  • 1994-2004: Unknown
  • 2005: In Residence: Little Flower Haven, La Mesa, CA (SD)
  • 2006-2019: Unknown

Fr. Frank Sierra was ordained a priest of the Sons of the Holy Family. In 1981, Fr. Sierra was incardinated into the Diocese of San Diego. In 1994, a civil lawsuit was filed in New Mexico alleging that Fr. Sierra sexually abused minor girls while working in Santa Cruz, New Mexico. Fr. Sierra reportedly also worked at a high school maintained by the Order of Santa Familia in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early 1950s. Fr. Sierra was named on the Diocese of San Diego’s 2007 list of “Priests of Dioceses of San Diego and San Bernardino against whom there are Credible Allegations,” the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s 2019 “List of Priests, Deacons, Religious, and Seminarians Accused of Sexual Abuse of Children,” and the Diocese of El Paso’s 2019 “List of names of members of the clergy against whom credible allegations have been made that they committed sexual abuse of minors within the Diocese” in the subsection “Priests who served in El Paso with the permission of the bishop and with faculties, but who were incardinated to a bishop from another Diocese.” Fr. Sierra’s current status as a priest, his whereabouts, and whether he has access to children are unknown.