Fr. Lucien (Luke, Maurice) J. Meunier (Meunier de la Pierre): Credibly Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

Fr. Lucien (Luke, Maurice) J. Meunier (Meunier de la Pierre)

Ordained, 1939

Notes: Fr. Lucien Meunier was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Amos in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Fr. Meunier was a visiting priest in many dioceses throughout the United States and Canada. Multiple reports were made beginning in the 1960s that Fr. Meunier sexually abused minor boys. In 1972, the Bishop of the Diocese of Pueblo reportedly arranged for Fr. Meunier to see a psychologist at Servants of the Paraclete, an institution known for treating priests accused of child sexual abuse. Fr. Meunier purportedly never went to treatment and fled. Fr. Meunier has been accused of child sexual abuse in multiple civil lawsuits between the 1990s and 2000s in Arizona, New Mexico, Connecticut, Colorado, and Idaho. Fr. Meunier is named on the Diocese of Tucson’s 2011 ”List of clergy and other Church personnel identified by the Diocese of Tucson with assignments, employment or ministry service within the Diocese about whom the Diocese is aware of credible allegations of sexual misconduct involving a minor,” the Diocese of Gallup’s 2015 “[l]ist of clergy identified by the Diocese of Gallup as having credible allegations of sexual misconduct made against them,” and the Diocese of Hartford’s 2019 list of “Information Regarding Clerical Sexual Abuse of Minors” in the subsection “Religious Order Priests and Priests from Other Dioceses Who Have Been Credibly Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor That Took Place in the Archdiocese of Hartford from 1953 to the Present.” It is believed Fr. Meunier died in the 1980s. His status as a priest, whereabouts, and whether he had access to children prior to his death are unknown.

Assignments within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in Colorado: Pueblo