5/1/1953          Ordained

6/29/1953 – Assistant Pastor, Ss. Cyril and Methodius

Altar Boy Director, Parish Teen Club Chaplain, Young Christian Workers Chaplain (AOC 013141)

7/9/1958 – Assistant Pastor, St. Joseph’s

6/25/1964 – Assistant Pastor, St. Simon’s with accused priest Richard L. Skriba

6/30/1965 – Assistant Pastor, Holy Rosary

2/1/1971- Associate Pastor, Assumption BVM Parish

9/9/1975 – Administrator, Sacred Heart

4/28/1978 – Pastor, Sacred Heart

1/1/1991-6/1/1991 – Sabatical

11/20/1991      Allegation of sexual abuse (AOC 013156, 013160)

2/7/1992          Letter from Patrick O’Malley to Dilla that he asked him not to be in the presence of minors without responsible adults being present. (AOC 013161)

12/22/1992      Memo to file from Patrick O’Malley that Dilla wants his faculties to be restored, “we indicated to him that there might be a possibility of a partial restoration for a limited ministry in the future.” (AOC 013173)

6/26/1993        Report of sexual abuse of a minor (AOC 013184)

11/1/1993        Retired

11/16/1993      Paprocki notifies Bp. Of Fort Wayne that Dilla is restricted from exercising ministry. (AOC 013206)

2/2005             Died