Br. George Puello, S.D.B.: Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Br. George Puello, S.D.B.

Notes: Br. George Puello is a Salesian Brother. In 2002, three men filed a lawsuit alleging Br. Puello abused them when they were students at Salesian Jr. Seminary in Goshen, New York. One of the men claims to have reported the abuse to the seminary director but was dismissed. The men also claim others at the Seminary school knew what was going on and that there were other abusers at the school, but nothing was done about it. Br. Puello is reported to have left the Salesians years ago. In 2011, it is believed Br. Puello was an active member in the theater community in Westchester, New York. His status as a Brother, his current whereabouts and whether he has access to children are unknown.