Fr. David F. Heimann: Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Fr. David F. Heimann

Ordained: 1958

  • 1958-1961: Pontifical College Josephinum, Worthington, OH (COL)
  • 1962-1963: Absent (RCK)
  • 1964-2019: Unknown
  • 2019: Died

In May 1961, Fr. David F. Heimann was dismissed from Pontifical College Josephinum Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, after he was reportedly found to be running a sex ring involving high school boys. He was reportedly laicized in 1963. Fr. Heimann was included on the Diocese of Rockford’s list of religious order priests or priests of another diocese who were assigned in this diocese, whom an allegation of sexual abused of a minor has been reported, and whose name appears on another diocese’s list of accused. Fr. Heimann was also included on the Diocese of Columbus’ list of extern or religious clergy (clergy from other dioceses or religious orders) who served in the Diocese of Columbus who were credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors (alleged conduct occurred in the Diocese of Columbus), released March 5, 2019. From 1963 until his death in 2019, Fr. Hiemann’s whereabouts and whether he had access to children are unknown.