Hugh Mills Sutton (aka John Sutton)

Father Hugh Mills Sutton, Jr., popularly known as Father John Sutton was born June 26, 1926 in Watertown, New York. He was ordained a priest in 1956 in the Diocese of Pueblo (Colorado) and held various assignments as a pastor and teacher for over 40 years in Catholic high schools throughout the United States, including: California; Wichita Falls, Texas; Biloxi, Mississippi; and Miami, Florida. Father Sutton was also a navy chaplain during both WWII and the Vietnam War. He was the pastor of St. Francis of Assissi Church in Forest City, Arkansas for one year and did pastoral work in both New Ulm, Minnesota and North Dakota. He also lived in residence at the Franciscan Sisters Assisted Living in Venice, Ohio where he celebrated Mass as well as at various nursing homes around the area.

On March 14, 2014, the Bishop of Fort Worth released a statement announcing that Father Sutton had recently been accused of sexual abuse of a minor at Notre Dame Catholic School in Wichita Falls, Texas in the early 1990’s.

Known Assignment History:

1984-1992 Teacher and Chaplain, Notre Dame School, Wichita Falls, TX

Father John Sutton died 9/11/2004 in Sandusky, Ohio.