Fr. William Iserman: Accused of Sexual Misconduct Wiith Minors

Fr. William Iserman

Ordained, 1956
1957-1958 St. Patrick’s Church, Washington, IL (PEO)
1959 St. Patrick’s Church, Ottawa, IL (PEO)
1960 St. Anthony’s, Hoopeston, IL (PEO)
1961-1962 Holy Trinity, Moline, IL (PEO)
1963 Absent on leave
1964 Saints Peter and Paul Church, Leonore, IL (PEO)
1965 Immaculate Conception, Streator, IL (PEO)
1966-1972 Unknown
1973-1974 St. Joseph’s, Peoria, IL (PEO)
1975-1977 St. John Church, Cullom, IL (PEO)
1978-1992 St. Patrick’s Church, Dwight, IL (PEO)
1993-1994 Retired (804 E Kerr Ave., Urbana, IL) (PEO)
1995 2213 Calibrie Creek Pkwy, Roswell, GA (ATL)
1996 Ashton Wood Nursing Home, Atlanta, GA (ATL)
1997 Retired (Livingston Manor, Pontiac, IL) (PEO)
1998 Died