James Flosi: Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Have Been Admitted, Established or Determined to Be Credible

James Flosi

5/12/1971 Ordained

6/14/1971 – Associate Pastor, St. Hubert’s, Hoffman Estates, IL

6/10/1976 – Associate Pastor, Cathedral of the Holy Name

1978 – Director of Archdiocesan Office of Pastoral Care for Seperated and Divorced Catholics

???                   Report of sexual abuse by Flosi in the rectory of Holy Name Cathedral. (AOC 013361, 13612)

1985 – Part-Time Associate Pastor, St. Luke’s

7/15/1985         Report of sexual abuse by Flosi and Hoder in the seminary. (AOC 013369)

1/19/1989 – Associate Pastor, St. Gertrude’s

5/31/1989         Memo from Goedert that allegations were “a one time only experience” and Flosi denied it. (AOC 013435)

6/7/1989           Flosi declines appointment as Pastor of St. Clement Parish. (AOC 013437)

12/2/1989         Flosi resigns from St. Gertrude. (AOC 013441)

12/27/1989       Flosi on two month “therapeutic leave” (AOC 013466)

7/1/1990 – Associate Pastor, St. Giles

11/2/1991         Report that Flosi taught a middle school boy how to masturbate. (AOC 013526)

11/25/1991       Report that Flosi asked another boy to masturbate in his presence (AOC 013528)

12/12/1991       Flosi on restrictions, not to be in the presence of anyone under 21 years old. (AOC 013530)

7/7/1992           Resigned (AOC 013544)

3/28/1999         Report that Flosi engaged in sexual misconduct with a 21 year old at Holy Name Cathedral (AOC 013561)

4/16/2002         Report of sexual abuse. (AOC 013565)

8/10/2005         Report of sexual abuse by Flosi in 1981 at Holy Name Cathedral. (AOC 013611)

8/10/2005         Report of sexual abuse by Flosi beginning in 1971 and lasting for six years. (AOC 013613)

2010                 Laicized