Fr. James Janssen: Credibly Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Minors

Fr. James Janssen

1949-1950 St. Paul’s, Burlington, IA (DAV)
1951-1953 St. Irenaeus’, Clinton, IA (DAV)
1954-1956 Sacred Heart Church, Newton, IA (DAV)
1956-1958 Leave of Absence/Suspension – Graduate Studies at Loyola University, Chicago, IL
1957-1959 On Duty Outside Diocese – North American College, Rome, Italy (DAV)
1960 St. Mary’s, Davenport, IA (DAV)
1961-1967 St. Joseph’s, Fort Madison, IA (DAV)
1968-1979 St. Joseph’s, Sugar Creek, IA (DAV)
1980 St. Anthony’s, Davenport, IA (DAV)
1981-1990 Church of St. Philip and James Church, Grand Mound, IA (DAV)
1991 Absent on Leave (DAV)
1992-2004 Retired – St. Vincent Center, Davenport, IA (DAV)
2004 Laicized
2004-2015 Unknown
2015 Died