Fr. William I. Joffe: Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Fr. William I. Joffe

Ordained, 1957
1958 Unknown
1959-1961 St. Peter’s, Rockford, IL (RCK)
1962-1965 Our Lady of Good Counsel, Aurora, IL (RCK)
1966-1969 Saint Patrick’s, Dixon, IL (RCK)
1970-1973 St. Mary’s, Morrison, IL (RCK)
1974-1983 St. Mary’s, Woodstock, IL (RCK)
1984-1987 St. Joseph Church, Harvard, IL (RCK)
1988-1989 Absent on Leave
1990 Unknown
1991 Active Outside the Diocese (Diocese of Venice, FL)
1992 Absent on Leave
1993 St. Flannen Church, Harmon, IL (RCK)
1994-1995 Unknown
1996-1997 Absent on Leave
1998-2004 On Disability Leave
2005-2007 Unknown
2008 Died