John A. Robinson: Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Have Been Admitted, Established or Determined to Be Credible

John A. Robinson

1969-1971       Caregiver at Angel Guardian Orphanage (AOC 19807)

At an unknown date, an accusation of childhood sexual abuse was reported by a third party to the Archdiocese and not investigated by the Archdiocese. (AOC 19807)

5/12/1971        Ordained

6/14/1971 – Associate Pastor, St. Clotidle Parish

1/15/1973 – Associate Pastor, St. Priscilla Parish

6/11/1979 – Associate Pastor, St. Emily Parish

9/17/1979 – Associate Pastor, St. Damian Parish

6/9/1987 – Associate Pastor, St. Edward Parish

7/1/1994 – Associate Pastor, Queen of the Rosary Parish

1991                Victim states they wrote a letter to the Cardinal regarding Robinson and did not receive a response from the Cardinal or Archdiocese. (AOC 19517)

1992                Former member of Angel Guardian Orphanage reported sexual abuse by Robinson. (AOC 19581-19582)

6/18/2002        Report of sexual abuse by Robinson in 1973 (AOC 019486)

11/2/2002        Review board determines there is insufficient evidence of anal penetration by Robinson. There is reasonable cause that sexual misconduct occurred. (AOC 19557)

2003                A full canonical penal trial was conducted by the Tribunal of the Archdiocese. (AOC 19807)

9/27/2005        Robinson permanently removed from ministry in the Archdiocese.