Fr. Albert Eugene (Gene) Kreher: Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Fr. Albert Eugene (Gene) Kreher

Ordained: 1965

  • 1966-1970: St. Dominic’s, Breese, IL (BEL)
  • 1971: Holy Family, Cahokia, IL (BEL)
  • 1972-1976: St. Anthony Church, Lively Oak, IL (BEL)
  • 1977-1982: St. Lawrence, Lawrenceville, IL (BEL)
  • 1983-1990: St. George, New Baden, IL (BEL)
  • 1991-1995: St. Agatha, New Athens, IL (BEL)
  • 1996-2008: St. Joseph, Prairie du Rocher, IL (BEL)
  • 2009-2011: St. Mary, Trenton, IL (BEL)
  • 2012-2018: Retired (BEL)
  • 2019: Unknown

In 1997, Fr. Albert Eugene Kreher was accused of sexually abusing a 14 year old boy in the early 1980s. Fr. Kreher admitted to having slept with the boy numerous times over the course of a year and a half, but claims he never sexually molested the boy. Fr. Kreher was never sued and has never faced criminal charges. In 2010, Bishop Braxton made Fr. Kreher write a letter of apology to the victim, but allowed Fr. Kreher to continue as head of the Boy Scouts Council. The Boy Scouts removed Fr. Kreher in 2016. Fr. Kreher was believed to be residing in Belleville, IL as of 2011. Fr. Kreher’s current whereabouts, status as a priest and whether he has access to children are unknown.