Fr. Joseph G. Kromenaker: Substantiated Case of Sexual Abuse of a Minor by Clergy

Fr. Joseph G. Kromenaker

Ordained, 1947
1948 Blessed Sacrament, Springfield, IL (SFD)
1949 Springfield Junior College, Springfield, IL (SFD)
1950-1952 Our Savior Church, Jacksonville, IL (SFD)
1953-1954 Immaculate Conception, Alton, IL (SFD)
1955-1956 St. Frances Cabrini, Springfield, IL (SFD)
1957-1958 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Springfield, IL (SFD)
1959-1966 St. Anne Church, Edgewood, IL (SFD)
1967 Visitation B.V.M. Church, Alexander, IL (SFD
1968-1969 Sacred Heart Church, Villa Grove, IL (SFD)
1970 St. Aloysius’, Litchfield, IL (SFD)
1971-1990 Absent On Leave (SFD)
1991 St. Adrian, Chicago, IL (SFD)
1992 St. Kieran Church, Chicago Heights, IL (CHI)
1993-2003 St. Ferdinand Church, Chicago, IL (CHI)
2004-2005 On Duty Outside the Diocese – 5900 Barry Ave., Chicago, IL (CHI)
2006-2010 Retired – 100 Stardust Dr., Sherman, IL (SFD)
2010 Die