Fr. William F. Rensing: Credibly Substantiated Allegation of the Sexual Abuse of Minors

Fr. William F. Rensing

Ordained, 1955
1956-1962 Cathedral of St. Peter, Belleville, IL (BEL)
1963-1969 St. Pancratius, Fayetteville, IL (BEL)
1970 Our Lady of Assumption, Caseyville, IL (BEL)
1971-1985 Our Lady of Assumption, Fairview Heights, IL (BEL)
1986-2003 Our Lady of the Lourdes Church, Sparta, IL (BEL)
2003-2006 Leave of Absence (BEL)
2007-2017 Retired (BEL)
2017 Died