Richard Doc Bartz: Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Have Been Admitted, Established or Determined to Be Credible

Richard Doc Bartz

5/8/74 – Ordained

6/27/73 – Deacon, St. Marcelline Parish

5/08/74 – Associate Pastor, Ascension Parish

6/11/79 – Associate Pastor, Transfiguration Parish

11/21/83 – Faculty, St. Mary of the Lake University

8/21/87            Report of abuse (AOC 006670)

8/21/87            Report of abuse (AOC 006671)

8/27/87            Letter from St. Ignatius High School Principal to Attorney Robert Fink regarding report to the IL Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) of the sexual abuse of a student by Bartz (AOC 006675-AOC 006676)

8/27/87            Memo regarding DCFS not required to pursue the report, no investigation needed and no need to alert the insurers (AOC 006678)

9/17/87            Indefinite medical leave of absence, address listed as St. Eulalia Parish, Maywood (AOC 006684)

3/4/88              Letter from Raymond Goedert outlining Bartz’s restrictions (AOC 006690 to AOC 006691)

7/1/88 – Resident, St. Eulalia Parish

11/12/91          Bartz removed from residence at St. Eulalia by the Commission and the Cardinal (AOC 006708)

2/4/92              Bartz restricted from working in the Pediatrics area of the hospital (AOC 006716)

7/8/92              Report of abuse (AOC 006720)

7/14/92            Report of abuse (AOC 006723)

8/21/93            Review Board Minutes determination regarding a reasonable cause to suspect that Bartz engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor and recommendation of restrictions (AOC 006755-006759)

8/21/93            Details of the Review Board written report and summary (AOC 006761-006763)

9/9/93              Bartz’s restrictions outlined (AOC 006771-AOC 006772)

7/1/88 – Chaplin, Columbus Hospital (Closed 2001)

01/03/96          Letter from Connelly to Cardinal Bernardin, Review Board recommendation to discontinue Bartz’s restrictions (AOD 006843)

3/26/97 – Rector, St. Frances Cabrini Shrine

5/5/2000          Individual Specific Protocols and Restrictions (AOC 006874)

2001 – Chaplain, Ravenswood Hospital

4/24/02            Allegation of sexual abuse against Bartz received by Archdiocese of Chicago

6/18/02            Letter of resignation to Cardinal George (AOC 006980)