Fr. Ronald W. Roth: Accused of Sexual Misconduct Wiith Minors

Fr. Ronald W. Roth

Ordained, 1966
1967 Holy Family, Oglesby, IL (PEO)
1968 St. John’s, Peoria, IL (PEO)
1969 On Duty Outside the Diocese (PEO)- Archdiocese of Santa Fe, St. Anne, Tucumcari, NM 88401
1970-1971 On Duty Outside the Diocese (PEO) -Archdiocese of Santa Fe, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus, Albuquerque, NM 87107
1972-1973 Unknown
1974 In Residence, Sacre Coeur, Creve Coeur, IL (PEO)
1975 St. Philomena’s, Peoria, IL (PEO)
1976 Absent on Leave (PEO) – P.O. Box 203, Peoria, 61601
1977 Director, Good Shepherd Apostolic House of Prayer, Urbana, IL (PEO)
1978 St. Patrick, Ransom, IL (PEO)
1979 Unknown
1980-1981 Special Assignment (PEO) – St. Augustine Manor, 1301 N.E. Glendale, Peoria, 61603
1982-1983 Absent on Leave (PEO)
1984-1990 St. John the Baptist, Lostant, IL (PEO)
1991-2009 Unknown
2009 Died