Fr. Aloysius (A.J.) Schwellenbach: Clerical Sexual Abuse of Minors

Fr. Aloysius (A.J.) Schwellenbach

Ordained, 1928
1929-1949 Unknown 1969 On Sick Leave (SFD)
1950-1951 1019 Cedar St., Quincy, IL (SFD)
1970 SS. Simon and Jude, Gillespie, IL (SFD)
1952 St. Joseph’s, Granite City, IL (SFD)
1971-1984 St. John the Baptist, Quincy, IL (SFD)
1953-1954 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception,
Springfield, IL (SFD)
1985-2000 Absent on Leave (SFD)
1955-1964 St. Barbara Residence, Springfield, IL (SFD)
2000 Died
1965-1968 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque,
Granite City, IL (SFD)