Fr. Edward Augustine Sheehy, C.S.P.: Credible Claims of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Fr. Edward Augustine Sheehy, C.S.P.

Augustine Edward Sheehy
Ordained: 1940
  • 1941: St. Mary’s, Biddeford, ME (PRT)
  • 1942: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Portland, ME (PRT)
  • 1943: St. Mary’s, Bangor, ME (PRT)
  • 1944-1945: St. Anne’s, Dexter, ME (PRT)
  • 1946: St. John’s, Bangor, ME (PRT)
  • 1947: St. Anne’s, Dexter, ME (PRT)
  • 1948: St. Mary’s, Orono, ME (PRT)
  • 1949-1951: University of Maine, Orono, ME (PRT)
  • 1952-1953: Mt. Paul Novitiate, Oak Ridge, NJ (PRT)
  • 1953-1955: Park Street Paulist Center, Boston, MA (BO)
  • 1955-1958: Old St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco, CA (SFR)
  • 1958-1962: Blessed Sacrament Church, Johannesburg, South Africa (FgM)
  • 1962-1963: In Residence (Sick Leave), San Francisco, CA (SFR)
  • 1963-1964: Missions
  • 1964-1968: St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York, NY (NY)
  • 1968-1969: St. Peter’s Seminary, Baltimore, MD (BAL)
  • 1969-1984: St. Paul the Apostle, New York, NY (NY)
  • 1984-1988: Senior Ministry Status, New York, NY (NY)
  • 1988: Died

Fr. Edward Sheehy was ordained a Paulist priest. In 2003, the Paulist Fathers received allegations that Fr. Sheehy had sexually abused children from approximately 1955 to 1957 in San Diego, California. The details of the sexual abuse allegations, including where the abuse occurred, and the number of survivors is unknown. In 2019, Fr. Sheehy was publicly named in the “List of Paulist Fathers with Credible Claims of Sexual Abuse of a Minor” and in the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s updated “List of Priests and Brothers Accused of Child Sexual Abuse.”