Thomas Kemp: Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Thomas Kemp

Thomas Kemp was accused in December 2007 for abusing a man who attended St. Agnes Parish in St. Paul, MN when he was a child. The man allegedly saw Kemp, who was a deacon at the time, for counseling that began in third grade and continued until he was 10-13 years old. The Archdiocese issued a statement denying Father Thomas Kemp was ever a deacon or had any privileges of any type in the Archdiocese.

Thomas Kemp was at St. Agnes Parish from 1986-1992. The report was made to the Archdiocese in 2002 but nothing was done. The supposed Deacon, Kemp, was later discovered as a fraud. Kemp fled MN and St. Agnes in 1992 when the Catholic Church began conducting background checks on clergy. Thomas Kemp posed as a deacon at the parish as well as a general manager of a Catholic TV stations. His whereabouts after leaving Minnesota are unknown.