Fr. Joseph J.M. Tully: Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Fr. Joseph J.M. Tully

Ordained, 1925
1926-1929 St. James, Rockford, IL (RCK)
1930-1936 St. Ann’s, Warren, IL (RCK)
1937-1942 St. Patrick’s, Hartland, IL (RCK)
1943 St. Patrick’s, Dixon, IL (RCK)
1944 St. Thomas Aquinas, Freeport, IL (RCK)
1945-1949 St. Catherine’s, Freeport, IL (RCK)
1950-1959 Absent on Sick Leave (RCK)
1953-1959 St. Mary’s Cathedral, Galveston, TX (GAL)
1960-1967 Active Outside the Diocese (RCK)
1961 Holy Name, Houston, TX (GAL)
1962 St Theresa, Galveston, TX (GAL)
1963-1966 St. Anne, Beaumont, TX (BEA)
1963-1967 Houston, TX (GAL)
1968 St. Anne, Beaumont, TX (BEA)
1969-1971 St. John the Baptist, Savana, IL (RCK)
1972-1982 Retired (RCK)
1982 Died