Walter George DeRoeck: Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Have Been Admitted, Established or Determined to Be Credible

Walter George DeRoeck

5/21/1971 – Ordained

1971 – St. Paul of the Cross

1976 – Queen Mary of Heaven with accused priest Donald Mulsoff

1976 – Faculty, Quigley North High School 1985 – Pastor, St. John Berchman’s

8/14/1989        DeRoeck has seminarian living with him at rectory. (AOC 012300) Staff at parish complain he has an obsession with young men that affects his work as pastor. (AOC 012323)

8/28/1989        Wally always seems be bringing kids to the house. (AOC 012326)

1991-1992 – Sabbatical

1992 – St. Catherine Labourne

1996 – Pastor, St. Celestine’s

3/16/1999        Allegation of sexual abuse of minor at St. Berchman’s. (AOC 12559)

3/17/1999        Allegation of sexual abuse of minor at St. Berchman’s. (AOC 012563)

3/20/1999        Review Board determines reasonable cause to suspect and recommends withdrawal from ministry. (AOC 012572)

Cardinal George places DeRoeck on administrative leave. (AOC 012576)

8/19/2000        DeRoeck allowed to work for a trial period at Koenig Hall. (AOC 012826)

2001                Resigned

2002                Laicized