Walter Turlo

Although ordained in 1970, accusations against Turlo dating back to the mid-1970s were not apparently known to the Archdiocese until around 2005. Turlo immediately resigned his position when he learned of the reports, but the Archdiocese continued to receive complaints that Turlo was having young boys spend the night at his residence and that Turlo was visiting parishes where he was spending time with young boys.


5/70 – Ordained

6/70 – Assistant Pastor, Sacred Heart

6/75 – Associate Pastor, St. William

1975                According to a 2005 Report, Turlo sexually abused a minor at St. William’s Rectory. The abuse consisted of massaging over and under clothing and genital fondling. (AOC 005888 – AOC 005889)

1975                According to a 2005 Report, Turlo sexually abused a minor at St. William parish on four occasions. The abuse consisted for masturbation, proposition of anal sex and pornographic magazines. (AOC 005999- AOC 006000)

3/82 – Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene

5/85 – Administrator, Sts. Peter and Paul

5/89 – Pastor, St. Mary of the Assumption

1/96 – Pastor, St.Fabian

6/1/05              Letter from Turlo to Cardinal George requesting resignation from the parish. (AOC 006004)

6/6/05 – Removed from Parish

3/23/06            Email from Leah McCluskey to Fr. Grace regarding concerns about Turlo’s continued involvement with St. Fabian Parish. The email states that Turlo is still present ay the parish and contacting young boys. (AOC 005997)

2006 – Resident, Bishop Timothy J. Lyne Residence

8/14/07            Letter from Vicar for Priests to Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review stating that Turlo violated his Individual Specific Protocols by having a 12-year- old stay overnight at his private residence on 7/22/2007 and 7/23/2007. (AOC 005989)