Fr. Walter M. Weerts: Clerical Sexual Abuse of Minors

Fr. Walter M. Weerts

Ordained, 1960
1961 Unknown
1979 St. Mary’s of the Assumption Church,
St. Marie, IL (SFD)
1962-1963 St. Ambrose Dr., R.R.S., Godfrey, IL (SFD)
1980 St. Boniface’s Church, Edwardsville, IL
1964-1967 Sacred Heart, Granite City, IL (SFD)
1981-1985 St. Brigid’s Church, Liberty, IL (SFD)
1968-1972 St. Thomas Apostle, Decatur, IL (SFD)
1986-1988 Absent on Leave (SFD)
1973-1978 St. Michael’s Church, Hume, IL (SFD)
1989-2019 Unknown