Child Pornography Involves Younger and Younger Victims

On August 22, 2010, I wrote about misconceptions about child pornographers. Here, I write about misconceptions about victims of child pornography.

Today our law firm filed another case involving child pornography against former special education teacher Gregg Larsen. The Plaintiffs are two kids who were ages 5 and 7 when they were exploited. Some might be surprised to hear that children so young are being exploited for child pornography, but it is getting more and more common. The United States Department of Justice estimates that pornographers have recorded the abuse of more than one million children in the United States alone. The growth areas of child pornography are in younger victims and greater brutality and the number of images depicting violent abuse has risen fourfold since 2003.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, younger and younger children are being depicted in increasingly violent images. In yesterday’s news, a Georgia man was sentenced on child porn charges involving an 18 month old child being brutalized.

This is really sick stuff.

About the author: Patrick Noaker is an attorney with the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates who handles cases involving child sexual abuse, exploitation and pornography.