Child Protection News Blog Combating Child Pornography –

A relative newcomer to the world of blogging, Jeff Anderson & Associates has created a new website that focuses on issues relating to combating child pornography.  With the evolution of inexpensive technology that has caused an explosion in the production and availability of child pornography, no child protection effort can be complete without considering the role that child pornography plays.  

Some of the blog postings include articles about the FBI’s efforts to detect and arrest sophisticated child pornography rings, the FBI’s warning about video Barbie being possibly used to create child pornography, the use of Xbox to create and exchange child pornography as well as many other topics.

Take a minute to visit this very important website by clicking here or by clicking the button on the right hand side of the Anderson Advocates home page 

About the author:  Patrick Noaker is an attorney with the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates who handles cases involving child sexual abuse, exploitation and pornography.