Diocese of Syracuse Deadline is April 15, 2021: Clergy Abuse Survivors Must File Now

If you were sexually abused as a child in the Diocese of Syracuse there is an important deadline you need to know about: April 15, 2021.

April 15, 2021, is the claims bar date, or deadline, for survivors of child sexual abuse to file a claim in the Diocese of Syracuse Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. We want everyone reading this post to know and spread the word: This April 15 deadline is much earlier than the deadline set under the New York Child Victims Act (August 13, 2021).

As attorneys fighting for the rights of survivors of child sexual abuse, we strive to help survivors claim the time and space they need for healing so they can come forward when they are ready and on their own terms. We understand that this deadline was set by the court and many survivors may not be ready to come forward, but to preserve your rights in the Diocese of Syracuse bankruptcy case, you must file a claim before April 15, 2021. If you do not take action before this date, you could lose your rights forever. It’s imperative that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

We are doing everything possible to make sure that all survivors in the Diocese of Syracuse have their chance to share their truth, expose who hurt them, demand accountability and compensation, and ensure what happened to them never happens to another child.

It can be intimidating to make that call earlier than you originally planned, but we are here to listen and make the process safe. We will believe you. We are here for you. Everything you share with us remains confidential.

It’s time.