Fearful Today and Every Day in Minnesota

It’s Halloween and you should be scared in Minnesota.  There are dozens of credibly accused clerical offenders of children whose names are only known to the Catholic bishops and kept secret.  You don’t know who they are, and you don’t know where they are.  What we do know is that they could harm our children and that the hierarchs in Minnesota from Duluth to St. Cloud to New Ulm, to Winona and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis know and have already determined the clerical offenders to be “credibly accused” of abuse of minors. But with only the desire to protect themselves, the Catholic hierarchs in Minnesota continue to worry more about their reputation than the well-being of the children.  I wish we could say this was just a Halloween hazard, but this is a hazard that has been ongoing for a long time and will continue until these names are disclosed and made known to the communities in which these people are living and working.  Our firm is working vigorously with survivors to force the disclosure of these names and of these lists across the state.  Until they do, there is every reason to be scared on Halloween and on every day until there is a full and open disclosure.