Former St. Paul School Janitor Sentenced to 10 Years for Serial Sexual Abuse of Students

Former Lindwood Arts School Janitor Walter Happel was sentenced to 10 years in prison today for sexually abusing numerous children over the course of 30 years.  We applaud the courageous survivors who came forward and spoke the truth in order to see justice done.  Happel was convicted of three counts of criminal sexual conduct for his sexual abuse of minors.  We are alarmed and saddened whenever students are sexually abused by a school employee.   When serial predators work with unsupervised access to children in an elementary school, a very dangerous risk is posed.  Here, the questions remain what Saint Paul Schools knew about Happel over his many years as a janitor working at Linwood Monroe and other elementary schools. We encourage any survivors of childhood sexual abuse in a school setting to come forward, speak the truth, and seek justice.