Jeff Anderson’s legal team has questions about Milwaukee Archdiocese finances

In a recent blog post Archbishop Dolan is incorrect in claiming that we accused him of secretly “hiding” the assets referred to in his blog.  The fact is, we simply stated that we had questions about certain financial moves made by the Archdiocese.

Indeed, what he did wasn’t hidden.  In fact, he and his financial advisors brazenly “moved” the assets out of the control of the Archdiocese in broad daylight—after the Wisconsin Supreme Court allowed some victims of clergy sexual abuse to sue the Archdiocese.  

We think we have grounds to be suspicious and deserve to have our questions answered by Archbishop Dolan.  Why?  Because up to this point they have refused to be questioned about anything, and for years bishops across this country have made similar moves to avoid compensating survivors of sexual abuse by clergy—the same way they “moved” rapist priests from parish to parish in order to prevent a “scandal” in the Church.  In addition, if anyone thinks that Archbishop Dolan didn’t have a “legal strategy” to minimize the Archdiocese’s exposure to claims based on them allowing priests to sexually abuse children, well…

The Archbishop has to do what he has to do—but so do those of us who are advocating for innocent children who were harmed by priests.  And, until there are bishops and cardinals who admit to their cover-up crimes, and are held accountable, I will continue to be suspicious.

We look forward to ascertaining answers to our questions.