Jim Keenan: It’s About Protecting the Kids

The Diocese of Winona is tagging along with the Archdiocese of Minneapolis St. Paul in attempting to tax Jim Keenan with costs.  This time, the taxation is to the tune of $68,000 from the Diocese of Winona.   That brings the grand total to $132,000 that Jim Keenan, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a priest, is asked to pay to these institutions who employed his abuser.     What an absolute outrage, an unconscionable action by church leaders.    Jim Keenan is a courageous, tenacious survivor who is standing up to this attack with grace.    How dare these hierarchs tax a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by one of its own notorious priests with $132,000 in legal fees?    This appears to be the utmost example of adding insult to injury.   Indeed, the world needs to hear Jim Keenan, as he powerfully describes the reasons why he brought his lawsuit in the first place – “to protect other kids”.    As Jim puts it, “it was never about the money”.  It was, is and always will be, about keeping kids safe, exposing secrets and policies that don’t keep kids safe, and making known credibly accused offenders within these institutions.