On Heels of “Boys will be Boys,” Bishop Finn’s Trial Accelerated

On the heels of the release of Bishop Finn’s comment, “boys will be boys,” as revealed in his staffer’s deposition last week, his criminal trial has been accelerated.
Bishop Finn’s trial, originally scheduled for September 24, will now start tomorrow afternoon in Kansas City. Both sides will present their evidence and testimony in front of a judge, not a jury, at the request of Bishop Finn’s attorneys. The Judge in the case, Judge John Torrence, may issue his verdict on the same day.
After last week’s news of Finn’s disturbing comments about Shawn Ratigan’s possession of child pornography, this could also mean that an agreement has been reached between attorneys for Bishop Finn and Jackson County prosecutors, and that what Judge Torrence may preside over is a negotiated plea agreement.
Bishop Finn is charged with a misdemeanor of failure to report child abuse.