Sacramento Priest Deemed a Flight Risk

As feared, Rev. Uriel Ojeda has been deemed a flight risk, and the court today delayed Rev. Ojeda’s bail hearing until January. In our blog on December 1, 2011, I wrote of the hope that this predator not be permitted to flee the country to Mexico, as no less than six other priests facing credible allegations of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Sacramento have done. Here we see the very same risk. The courts should ensure that Rev. Ojeda is not permitted to flee the country and is made to face the allegations of child molestation of which he is accused.

This dangerous predator must not be permitted to continue to work with children. The Diocese of Sacramento and its churches should also work immediately to reach out to victims of this predator so that other victims may come forward to the police and get help and healing. We hope the Diocese, law enforcement and the courts will take action to not let Rev. Ojeda flee the country and begin outreach to other potential victims of this child molester.