Sexual Abuse Survivors Deserve Justice, Even Decades After Their Abuse

If “The Keepers” is not a reason to change the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse, then what is? The multi-dimensional Netflix documentary, directed by Ryan White, is an opportunity for everyone to know, feel, and understand the depths of chronic, institutional failure in real time. “The Keepers’ brings heightened awareness to the fact that we, as a culture, are still in crisis. It also provides a deeper understanding into the hearts and souls of survivors of child sexual abuse.

Jean Wehner and the survivors featured in “The Keepers” were given a voice to share their truths and end their years of silent suffering. We should all take a page from their stories and use it to fight the injustice that places a time limit on when a survivor seeks accountability. “The Keepers” gives us an opportunity to elicit a real change in public policy and provides a platform and call to action for statute of limitations reform for child sexual abuse. It is our responsibility as a society to be aware of the past so we can affect change for the future.