Visiting Columbian priest arrested in Diocese of Stockton

We are once again saddened and alarmed to learn of the news of the arrest of a visiting priest from Colombia working in the Diocese of Stockton for child sexual abuse.  Time will tell what was known of Rev. Guarin-Sosa’s history and safety in working with children.  What is known to us already is that numerous priests have been transferred globally with the aid of the catholic hierarchy after being credibly accused of abusing children. Fr. Nicolas Aguilar is just one example. 
Aguilar abused kids in Mexico and then was shipped to Los Angeles, where he abused at least 26 other kids, before being sent back to Mexico. There, he disappeared and continues to evade law enforcement and justice.  
We represent many survivors who were sexually abused by Fr. Aguilar as children, so we are sadly familiar with the pattern and practice of the international movement of priests with dangerous tendencies around children.  In the case of Rev. Guarin-Sosa, the public and the courts must hold the Diocese of Stockton accountable for a full disclosure of Guarin-Sosa’s background and history.  We encourage any children and families who suffered at the hands of Fr. Guarin-Sosa to report to law enforcement.