44 Los Angeles Unified School District Employees Identified in 69 Lawsuits Filed Under the California Child Victims Act

Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Have Until December 31 to File a Lawsuit

(Los Angeles, CA) – Today, the law firms of Jeff Anderson & Associates and Greenberg Gross revealed that 44 Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) employees have been identified in 69 lawsuits filed under the California Child Victims Act and are accused of child sexual abuse. The public data collected is believed to be a small portion of what attorneys and advocates anticipate the final number of cases identifying LAUSD to be.

“Los Angeles Unified School District has a notorious history of hiring, and harboring perpetrators of child sexual abuse,” said Brian Williams of Greenberg Gross. “We hope by exposing perpetrators in lawsuits filed under the California Child Victims Act, children and students who participate in LAUSD will be protected in the present and future.”

Included below is a list of LAUSD employees accused of child sexual abuse and identified in lawsuits available to the public. The current whereabouts of some of these alleged perpetrators and if they have access to children are unknown. If you or someone you know has information regarding these alleged perpetrators, contact law enforcement immediately:

William Alexander

Terry Bartholome

AJ Galloway

Tracey Mandell

William Clyde Allen

Edilberto “Eddie” Garcia

Eugene Ireland

Robert Kill

Robert Marquez

Peter Moya

David Lee Scott

Joseph Blakeney Brown, Sr.

Dennis Jenkins

Gary Letherer

Edgar Munoz

Nicholas Gonzales

Janette Lopez

Additionally, there are 20 more lawsuits where the alleged perpetrator(s) are unidentifiable. According to the publicly available lawsuits, the alleged perpetrators can be identified as “Unknown” or “Doe.”

“The perpetrators who are not identifiable in these publicly available lawsuits provide a significant risk to LAUSD students and the public,” said attorney Mike Reck. “Because we do not know the identities or whereabouts of these alleged perpetrators, we are uncertain if they present an immediate public safety risk. LAUSD needs to be transparent and inform the public of all employees, teachers, coaches, and authority figures who have been accused of sexual abuse.”

Jeff Anderson & Associates and Greenberg Gross have filed cases identifying several accused perpetrators included in this press release. Some of the most significant cases involve the alleged perpetrators, Jeffrey Scott Jones & Miguel Rivera.

Jeffrey Scott Jones was identified in a lawsuit filed against Bell High School and LAUSD. Jones is accused of sexually abusing at least five underage females. Three of the survivors named in the lawsuit filed as Jane DOEs: Jane DOE 7035, Jane DOE 7064, and Jane DOE 7063.

Miguel Rivera has been identified in lawsuits filed against Mount Vernon Jr. High School and LAUSD. Rivera is accused of sexually abusing Jane Doe 7061 more than twenty times during the 1993 – 1994 school year. Rivera used his position of power as a campus police officer and coach to sexually abuse Jane Doe 7061 on school campus and during school hours.

Survivors of sexual abuse in California have until December 31, 2022, to take legal action and file a lawsuit. If you were sexually abused as a child by a teacher or clergy member in California, no matter how old you were or when the abuse occurred, you still have rights and can still take legal action, but time is running out.

Note:  All alleged perpetrators identified in this press release have been publicly identified in lawsuits filed under the Child Victims Act (AB 218), California Code of Civil Procedure Section 340.1. The vast majority of claims against these individuals have not been fully evaluated in a civil or criminal court. The allegations should not be considered proven or substantiated in a court of law. All individuals should be considered innocent until proven guilty.