Archdiocese of Baltimore Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors Can Take Legal Action in Maryland Starting October 1

(St. Paul, MN) – Today, the Archdiocese of Baltimore filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This decision by the bishop to conceal assets and hide the truth from the survivors who were sexually abused by clergy members assigned to the Archdiocese of Baltimore is unfortunate and predictable.

“The Archdiocese of Baltimore’s decision to declare bankruptcy is a calculated decision in hopes to silence and suppress survivors of abuse,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “Little does the Archdiocese of Baltimore know the strength and resilience of the survivors who have come forward – we will continue to stand by them and vigorously advocate for them in the bankruptcy process.”

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is the first diocese to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in anticipation of the statute of limitations reform in Maryland. Starting on October 1, survivors of clergy abuse in Maryland can take legal action for the abuse they endured as a child.

“The survivors’ courage and strength will not be extinguished by today’s bankruptcy filing,” said attorney Steve Boyd. “Survivors are resilient. The true nature of the Archdiocese’s dangerous patterns and practices will be revealed.”