Diocese of Brooklyn Neglects to Inform Public of Alleged Perpetrator & Former Catholic Youth Organization Sports Program Director

Law Firm Demands Transparency & Answers to the New York Community

On July 14, the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates released a comprehensive report based on public data detailing newly identified alleged perpetrators in Catholic institutions across New York. Through this report, it became evident that two lawsuits had been filed by another law firm alleging that Robert Caldera, the former Executive Director of the Catholic Youth Organization for the Diocese of Brooklyn, was accused of child sexual abuse. 

 (New York City, NY) – Robert Caldera, who until recently, was the director of sports programs for the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of Brooklyn and Queens, despite being accused of child sexual abuse in two (2) New York Child Victims Act lawsuits.

Robert Caldera was appointed the position of director of the sports programs for the CYO in 2013. His recent departure from the position, along with the two New York CVA lawsuits, was seemingly unknown and unannounced to the public. One lawsuit alleges Caldera sexually abused a minor approximately twenty-four times over approximately four years, from 1993 to 1998. While the second lawsuit alleges Caldera sexually abused a minor approximately three times over approximately three years, from 1995 to 1998. In a video released today, we are demanding that the diocese provide transparency to the New York community; in particular, to parents whose children participated in CYO sports or activities.

“The public has a right to know that an alleged perpetrator may have had access to their children for years.” said Jeff Anderson. “The blatant lack of communication confirms that the diocese prioritizes self-preservation over child protection.”

We are releasing a video to the Diocese of Brooklyn that demands that the public are informed on the following:

  • When was Robert Caldera removed as director of the sports program?
  • What have you done to let CYO parents know about Robert Caldera?
  • What have you done to let the public know about Robert Caldera?