Diocese of Buffalo, Bp. Malone’s Dangerous Practices and Protocols Exposed on 60 Minutes; Statement from Survivor Matt Golden

Statement From Survivor Matt Golden Regarding Bishop Malone, Diocese of Buffalo’s Handling of Sexual Abuse Cases

60 Minutes Exposes the Dangerous Practices and Protocols Still Employed by the Diocese of Buffalo

(Buffalo, NY) – Sexual abuse survivor Matt Golden sued the Diocese of Buffalo in August, claiming the Diocese of Buffalo and Bishop Richard J. Malone created and exposed the public to dangerous predator priests and continue to do so through present day. Golden’s lawsuit claims that the Diocese of Buffalo continues to conspire and engage in efforts to conceal from the public and law enforcement, the identities of priests who have sexually abused minors and allow known child molesters, like Fr. Dennis Riter who abused Matthew when he was a child, to live freely in the community without informing the public. To-date more than 80 priests have been accused of child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo.

Last night, 60 Minutes exposed the dangerous practices and protocols that continue to be employed in the Diocese of Buffalo and Bishop Richard Malone in handling cases of child sexual abuse. Former executive assistant to Bp. Malone, Siobhan O’Connor, current Buffalo priest and clergy sexual abuse survivor, Fr. Robert Zilliox, and Deacon Paul Snyder were interviewed about the sexual abuse scandal in the Diocese of Buffalo. According to Fr. Robert Zilliox, at least 8 or 9 priests who should have been removed from the priesthood, remain in the priesthood in Buffalo right now.

Statement from Plaintiff Matt Golden

“Thank you to this brave young woman who stood up to the biggest institution in the world without even thinking twice,” said Golden. “I am not surprised by what I saw last night. Things will not change for the better in the Diocese of Buffalo unless all the Catholic Bishops in New York are forced to come clean and tell the truth. This is why I brought suit against the Diocese of Buffalo and Bishop Malone, because they are protecting Fr. Riter, and how many others?”