Former Bagley School Resource Officer & Clearwater County Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty to Criminal Sexual Conduct

Attorneys and Survivor’s Family Relieved and Hope Conviction Allows Other Victims to Come Forward

(Brainerd, MN) – Today, Neil Henry Dolan, a former Bagley High School resource officer, and Clearwater County Sheriff’s Deputy pled guilty to sexually abusing three students at Bagley High School from 2016 to 2019. Dolan admitted sexually abusing all three students when they were 13 to 14-years-old, in his office while he was working as a uniformed sheriff’s deputy at the school. Dolan plead guilty to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Sentencing was set by Clearwater County District Judge Eric Schieferdecker for May 10th. Dolan now faces up to 30 years in prison. He is currently serving 10 years for sexually abusing three different children in Clearwater and Becker County from 2016 to 2020. Dolan pled guilty to those charges in 2021.

 When one of the survivors who was abused by Dolan found out he was pleading guilty of criminal sexual misconduct, he felt a small semblance of relief.

Statement from Survivor Abused by Dolan

“I remember dreaming of getting justice when I was little and now that dream has come true. With this truth that has come out, it also has brought me back to that scared little kid with a dream of justice. I was silenced for so long, but now Neil Dolan is pleading guilty and going to jail. The sad thing about me getting justice is that the void of the injustice that was committed. I hope kids around the world who have been abused find their voice. I care about everyone that has been abused. My prayers go out to victims and families who understand this VOID that has plagued our families.”

Statement from Survivor’s Parents

“This was an extremely painful day for us and our son. We have been thrown back to the day son told us about the abuse, trying to console a young man who has been abused by a police officer. This has been a two year wait for what we already knew to be true, that Dolan abused our son. As parents, we never thought that we would drop our child off to school a safe place for learning and the horrific things that happened are incomprehensible. Our thoughts and prayers are with the other victims and their families as I’m sure they are working through the many effects from abuse. We are grateful for the work of the Minnesota Attorney Generals Office specifically Erin Eldridge, and advocate Amy Vonfelt.”

“We applaud all the courageous survivors who were abused by Dolan and chose to come forward,” said attorney Josh Peck. “Instead of keeping kids safe, Dolan used his position as deputy and school resource officer to prey on and abuse kids for years.”

Statement from Attorney Jeff Anderson

“Dolan committed the ultimate betrayal of the oath he took as a deputy…to protect and serve. Instead, he used his position of authority to target, manipulate, abuse and traumatize vulnerable children. We are grateful that today Nolan is standing in court and is finally being faced with some accountability for years of depravity. While a guilty verdict will not erase the trauma inflicted upon these students, we hope knowing that this predator is being held accountable will serve as a stepping stone for the survivors’ journey towards healing.”

“Kids are safer today because of the courage of the survivors who spoke up and stood up.”
– Attorney Jeff Anderson