International Music Company Called Out for Cover-Up of Harassment and Sexual Assault

Successful Music Executive & BMG Rights Management Named in Lawsuit

(Los Angeles, CA) – Today, on behalf of courageous survivor, Sara Lewis, we, along with Greenberg Gross, have filed a lawsuit alleging sexual assault. The lawsuit identifies BMG Rights Management and Kenny MacPherson and accuses him of grooming and sexually assaulting Lewis. BMG Rights Management, an international music company, is well-known for working with artists such as the Rolling Stones, the Cranberries, Tina Turner, Avril Lavigne, and more.

In July of 2002, Lewis landed what she thought was her dream job and joined Chrysalis USA as an assistant in the company’s Film and TV group. MacPherson was President of Chrysalis USA from approximately 2002 to 2005; Chrysalis has since merged with BMG Rights Management.

“Sara’s courage is a beacon of hope for all women who were sexually assaulted by powerful men at the highest levels in this industry – it’s a reminder that they are not alone and they too can raise their voice demanding change.” – Jeff Anderson

MacPherson spent years grooming and harassing Lewis, escalating from non-consensual touching to a traumatic sexual assault. MacPherson’s harassment of Lewis was longstanding and known in the workplace. Rather than help Lewis, colleagues, and supervisors shielded Lewis from taking action.

“Sadly, what happened to Sara is all too common in the music and entertainment industry,” said attorney Jemma Dunn of Greenberg Gross. “Her decision to come forward is incredibly brave and is a powerful step towards creating lasting institutional change. We are honored to represent Sara in her pursuit of justice and accountability.”

After years of being abused by MacPherson, Lewis reported the abuse to her direct supervisor at Chrysalis, expecting to get help. The company did nothing. As a result of MacPherson’s and Chrysalis’ actions, Lewis was eventually demoted, forced out of the industry, and blackballed.

Quote from Sara Lewis:

“Sexual abuse is pervasive; you never know when it is going to bubble back up to the surface and swallow you whole. Kenny stole my dreams and life from me, not just my career. I never filed a police report, I never told officials, and I never tried to obtain justice because justice was not an option until now. I suffered in silence and was intimidated – I am no longer intimidated and am standing up for myself and others to expose a painful reality so pervasive.”