Joint Statement Regarding Final Settlements Reached In All 16 Children’s Theatre Company Cases

(Saint Paul, MN) – We announce the settlement of all 16 lawsuits brought against Children’s Theatre Company by individuals who were sexually abused by former employees in the 1970s and 1980s.

“We credit the survivors in bringing their truth to bare and Children’s Theatre Company for their hard work and dedication to resolving all of these cases,” said Jeff Anderson of Jeff Anderson and Associates, attorney for the survivors.  “CTC is deeply dedicated and has demonstrated its commitment to working to make CTC the safe place it is today. If I suggested otherwise in my remarks I correct that. CTC worked hard to bring this resolution and works hard to advance child safety. We are now moving from litigation to advancing healing and child protection with a particular focus on cultivating a trauma-informed culture both at CTC and in the broader arts community.  These settlements are a big step in that direction.”

“We recognize and truly appreciate the tremendous courage of the survivors who came forward to tell their truth and end their silence of what was done to them in the 1970s and 1980s as students at CTC,” said Kimberly Motes, managing director of Children’s Theatre Company. “On behalf of everyone now at CTC, we are deeply sorry that this abuse occurred.  We are sorry it was not adequately punished at the time and that the pain of the survivors has not been recognized and that survivors suffered in silence for so long. We better understand the deep and continuing pain that such trauma causes, and our hope is that these settlements will provide some justice, healing and reparation to these courageous individuals. At CTC, we see this not as an end of the process with survivors, but as a beginning of our work together.”